Helping Kids Play Sports

by Athletics for Kids  •

Athletics for Kids (A4K) is a BC-based charity that helps children and youth participate in sport by providing financial assistance for registration fees. Our vision is that all BC children have the opportunity to play sports and realize their full potential. In 2016, we provided over 1,000 sports grants to the kids of BC, in over 40 different sports; both individual pursuits such as swimming and martial arts and team sports such as soccer and hockey. A4K works with over 400 sports organizations around the Province and receives referrals from social workers, school administrators, outreach workers, counsellors and many others.

We have a unique granting model that allows multi-year and multi-sport funding. Children across BC, ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school can receive up to $600 per year to pay for sport registration fees. To qualify for assistance, a family needs to meet one of the following: net family income under $42,000; on social assistance; the child is under foster care. Check out the applications tab on our website ( for more details and how to connect and apply with us.

The benefits of sports go on and on. Sports not only promote healthy physical activity, but also teach important life-skills such as perseverance, discipline, dedication, working with others, being gracious in defeat and humble in success. Through sports children and youth learn to make and accomplish goals, respect for self and others, being proud of small achievements, working towards long term goals, making lifelong friendships and creating lifelong memories. It is not just about learning a set of physical skills, it’s about providing kids with the opportunities that sport encourages, to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their formative years and into adulthood.

As a privately funded, BC-based charity, we raise all the funds used to support our youth sports granting program. Our goal is to distribute over 1,500 grants in 2017 and along with our three signature fundraising events, we hope to engage individual and corporate donors, sponsors, community partners, Municipalities and Foundations to help make that a reality. By donating to or partnering with Athletics for Kids, you will support local families and children in need and help build stronger communities for the future. All kids should have the chance to play.


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