Inspiring the Entrepreneur in Our Children

by Marika Wolf, Realtor  •  Photography by Captured by Gagan

This year I was honoured to speak at the Kids Leadership Summit put on by some awesome people in Kelowna. The topic was Entrepreneurship and even though I am not an expert, I definitely know the ins and outs of leadership and entrepreneurship.

I create, I take risks, and I live my passion every day. As a real estate agent, I work with lots of different people, have a very flexible schedule (so that I can still take the kids to martial arts class and fairy tale dance), and I am my own boss. I am an entrepreneur and I believe the world needs more of us.

Entrepreneurs have the power to change the way we live and may go as far as improving our standard of living. Not only do entrepreneurs inspire social change, they also create jobs and conditions for a prosperous society.

I have the pleasure of dreaming not one, but two big dreams! Dream one is to be the best mom I can be and dream two is to have a successful career. I knew I could do both and with real estate this is what I have! I want my kids to follow their dreams too so I am raising them to have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Here are seven things that are at the forefront of an entrepreneur’s mind and how I try to foster the ‘entrepreneur’ in my children:

 1.  Creativity – to be creative one needs to be curious and explore. Having interests in things outside of TV and their iPad.

2.   Self-confidence – I want my children to believe in themselves and help them build confidence by giving them opportunities to make decisions.

3. Resourcefulness – I teach them how to solve problems, how to ask questions and where to find the answers.

4. Resilience – this is a tough one but resilience is a big part of being an entrepreneur. Things do not always go our way and we need the courage not to give up.

5.   Empathy – relating to others and building positive connections is very important in being a leader. We teach empathy by encouraging our kids to be open with how they are feeling and listening to others.

6.   Optimism – I believe that there is good in everyone and I encourage my children to find good in everything!

7.   Give back – it all starts with realizing that others may not have as much as we do and getting that big box of old toys ready to give back to another kid.


Let’s inspire our kids to be leaders!

With over a decade into her real estate business, Marika has perfected her approach to buying and selling homes. Her business philosophy lies in being real and relatable for her clients, many of which are young families like her own. With personalized service, Marika makes it her mission to make the purchase or sale of your home as easy and stress-free as possible.


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