Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy

by Jessica Levy, founder of Body Connection Fitness / Photography by Jura

As a new mom our body is recovering from both our pregnancy and labour. We are hunched over breast feeding and carrying around baby, we become tight in our chest and develop an overstretched upper back which leads to back and neck pain. We may also have tight hip flexors, thighs and hamstrings from pregnancy which can lead to other issues. Fitness training is super beneficial to strengthen the weak muscles and Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy will help to increase mobility of the tight joints and muscles.

Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy is used to relax the mind and body, while creating greater mobility in the joints and increasing flexibility. This allows the body to move more efficiently which can help with daily activities, sports, poor posture, fitness and more. It is an ancient healing practice that combines Indian Ayurvedic principles, acupressure and assisted yoga postures.

This therapy is amazing for anyone to experience, from the sedentary to the active. Most of us are forward in our jobs or day to day living; sitting and typing at a desk, sitting in our car, watching tv, doing chores, etc. This causes our hip flexors, hamstrings, chest and shoulders to be tight. Athletes even seek out this practice to become better players.

When you have optimal range of motion and mobility in the joints, the body moves with ease and energy in a way that even fitness professionals cannot do without assistance. Thus, allowing increased mobility so the body can function better. It has the many benefits of yoga with the patient’s body in a passive state during the stretches, not to mention it is extremely relaxing and feels amazing.

Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy is now offered in Kelowna by Jessica Levy.


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