I Know we were Meant to be a Family!

by KCR – Kelowna Community Resources’ Adoption Centre of BC

When life doesn’t go as expected – you don’t fall in love, get married and then get pregnant – it doesn’t mean this has to be the end of your dreams.  You still have options….what about adoption?

KCR – Kelowna Community Resources’ Adoption Centre of BC (ACBC) is a licensed, private, fee for service adoption centre.  Their team is ready to help answer your questions about both Domestic newborn and Inter- Country (Haiti, South Africa and United States) private adoptions.

One adoptive single mom shared “I was afraid for so long that my dreams of becoming a mother would not come true. I was afraid that the hurdles of the adoption process would only prove why I shouldn’t be successful in achieving my dream.” The reality is that when you consult with the team at ACBC you are met with caring, compassionate people who are there to help prepare you for the adoption process and help you to achieve your dream. Many are intimidated by the thought of going through the adoption process and having a home study completed, for fear that someone will find fault in the way they are living their life and wish to raise their child.  One mom shared about her home study process, “The time I spent with the Social Worker was so great. It was not about finding fault but rather about giving me tools and helping me to prepare to welcome my child into my home. Every parent should get the opportunity to have these supports.”

A mom’s description of her adoption process started like this, “I know we were meant to be.”  She had studied China in university, the Chinese adoption process was fairly predictable at that time with an estimated two year wait time, so it seemed as if that program would be a good fit for her. The same month that she began her process a baby was born in China and left at an orphanage.  As she completed her home study and submitted her application to adopt a child the Chinese government made huge changes to the adoption system. She no longer met the qualifications under the new system. With great relief, her application was grandfathered into the new system.

As she continued to check the wait times posted online they continued to grow and grow. They were now at seven years, she felt hopeless and almost gave up. While out shopping one day, three years after submitting her application to ACBC, she met one of the staff members at a craft fair. They encouraged her to try the ‘waiting children’ program for Chinese children with minor disabilities in orphanages. A sense of hope returned once again and she had her home study updated to apply to the new program. Within three weeks of submitting this application a proposal was sent to her to adopt a young child.  Both her application and the child’s paperwork landed on the Chinese adoption worker’s desk at the same time. Upon review they seemed like the perfect match.

Two months later the adoptive mom was on the plane to make her dreams come true and meet her child for the first time. When she opened the door this beautiful four year old called out ‘Mama’. That was it – she was a mom. Two weeks later they were headed home to Canada on the plane.  This mom ended her story by saying “I had a very long gestation period – After four years of waiting I am headed home with my four year old.”

ACBC sees many such success stories and welcomes both prospective adoptive parents and birth parents throughout British Columbia. Contact them for further information at adoptioninfo@kcr.ca.

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