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Welcome to the 2018/19 edition of Okanagan Family Magazine. We hope you enjoy reading the numerous articles written by knowledgeable authors covering a variety of topics that help to make your life a little easier.

Need some useful tips on how to be a better parent especially during those trying teen years? Look no further. Dr. Laura Markham has a wonderful article with practical advice that really works (pg 4).

Everyone is concerned about the health of their family so we have included two articles on the subject. “Boosting Brain Power with Physical Activity” reminds us of the importance of movement and how it affects brain development. In the article “Want a Healthy and Happy Family?” discover the importance of the quality of our food and how the right diet can make you feel better and give you more energy.

Are your parents aging and needing your assistance? Check out the article on home care for seniors called “Caregiving is a Two-Way Relationship”. This article is full of useful information for both the care giver and the senior parent. After all, this can be a big adjustment for both parties and seniors don’t always feel comfortable expressing their needs. Speaking of seniors, are you thinking of being the Executor for your parents estate? We have an article on that too. Discover the ins and outs of being an executor before actually signing up for the job. Maybe hiring a lawyer is a better idea (pg 8).

It is not uncommon these days for families to have experienced divorce and remarriage. Remarriage is a happy time for the new couple but can often be challenging for children. In the article “8 Ways to Ensure Remarriage Success” are some insightful points you should consider as you go down this new life path.

Of course we have our map and an article on finding the right child care option for your family (pg 15 and 16).

But before you look into child care, you have to be a parent. Sometimes becoming pregnant has insurmountable odds so why not consider adoption? Even that can have pitfalls… like long waits, but there are many options. Explore with us the adoption of minor disability orphans in “I Know we were Meant to be a Family!”.

Next is: “How to Handle your Anger at your Child”. This article is loaded with sound advice that you can use in any relationship: co-workers, your spouse and other family members. It’s always wise to think before you speak but there are other things you can do as well.

“Embracing the Unexpected” is a delightful, heartfelt article about putting yourself in your child’s shoes. Children can’t always be on their best behaviour but author Karen Copeland chooses to look at the brighter side of life.

And lastly, we have an article called “Preparing Children to Leave Home”. Author Marie Hartwell-Walker reminds us that we need to start long before high school graduation approaches. Why not start now? It’s never too soon.

Enjoy reading!

P.S. We’d like to thank our cover photographer Liz Soergel ( for her great work and mom Saffron Quist of Vernon, B.C. for our gorgeous cover model.

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