Note from the Editor

It seems like all that is encompassing our minds this year is the pandemic. While it has dramatically affected our lives and we can’t take our eyes off it, life must go on. But it’s affect upon us can sometimes be surprising. Read The Weight of a Pandemic to discover how one woman fell back in love with her body after gaining weight.

Another article which helps put things in perspective is Exploring Social Connection in Times of Social Distancing. This article requires that we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to see what it’s like to be quarantined in a country far from family, friends and all that’s familiar.

And if you’re seeking advice on how to deal with this change in daily life routines, check out Coping as a Family during COVID-19. Our local YMCA gives us lots of ways to stay active, healthy and happy. Likewise, if your sleeping habits are being adversely affected due to stress and anxiety, read our article called Sleepy Worthy. It’s packed with useful information on how to tackle the things that are keeping you awake at night and will help you change your habits so that you can get your rest.

And let’s not forget about art. It’s a central pivot point in our communities providing us with identity, fresh perspectives and opportunities for new conversations around important topics. You’ll enjoy reading Dr. Sharon McCoubrey’s article The Importance of Art in our Communities.  Now that we can go back outside, don’t forget about public art and our art community. Make art, go experience art and support our local artists. We need them.

Home schooling has now become a household term. If you have young ones who are just learning their letters, check out our article Getting Off to the Right Start in Reading. Brenda Larson has a logical, no nonsense take on how we should be teaching our kids to read and write.

All in all, parents are undertaking a lot more in their parental roles than ever before. Not only have we become teachers and been put in charge of our kids physical fitness routine, we have also had to live with our kids 24/7. More patience is needed. We all want to be good parents and raise healthy, confident kids but sometimes we need a little extra help. We have  two articles for you to read: Perfecting the Family-Work Life Balancing Act and Parenting for Positive Identity. Both offer tips and interesting views on how to handle the many things that daily life throws at you.

Life wouldn’t be complete without some kind of cuteness so we offer you Hatch a Chick. Who doesn’t love baby chicks?

And I’ll leave you with that. Life is more than a pandemic. It’s family, friends, neighbours and strangers who, when we face  difficult times, step in, lend a hand and show support, reminding us that we are not alone. Thank you to everyone who demonstrates daily that we are in this together. You are all heroes and we need you more now than ever before. You inspire me with your kindness.

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