Note from the Editor

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This year began as a lesson in loneliness for us all as self isolation brought many challenges. But what if your life was like that all of the time? What if you knew nothing else and it was your normal? Thus the pandemic has taught a mother how her child feels as he tries to navigate the world around him. It’s good to learn what its like for others as they struggle to adapt… and so I invite you to read A Lesson in Loneliness.

Do you have a child who has problems sleeping? Are you struggling to get the bedtime routine down pat? We have something that might help. Read Pam Nease’s article Dialing Back Bedtime.

Ever wonder about the benefits of dance, music, art, acting? The Arts play a huge role in our community and in the development of our children. Check out the articles The Importance of an Arts Education and Kelowna Community Music School Turns 45! to learn more.

Science is equally important in human development. I love the article called Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: 5 Steps to Help Build the Next Generation of Female Scientists by Dr. Jennifer Jakobi. It’s exciting to learn of all the possibilities girls have today when it comes to venturing into the vast field of science. Check out the S.T.E.A.M. program. It might be perfect for your daughter.

Interested in homeschooling but don’t know where to start? Blogger Marissa Dutoff has some tips and advice as she dives into the realm of homeschooling her son. Read Make Learning a Game.

Are you a parent of a teenager? Looking for some tips? Marie Hartwell- Walker has some excellent advice. She also has an article on New Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression. Everyone needs help at one time in their life and being a mother is no exception. Our bodies don’t always bounce back quickly after giving birth and our moods will swing wildly. We wonder if this is normal, especially if you’re a first time mother. Marie offers some great advice.

Ever move into a community and feel unsettled? That’s just what happened to Teresa Pavlin when she moved to the Okanagan. But she found a high note in the most unlikely place… on the snowy trails of Telemark. You’ll enjoy reading her journey in 3 Things I Learned Moving to the Okanagan.

This past year we’ve been cooped up and our routines have flown out the window but as things start to get back to normal you may want to include a new exercise routine for your family. Read Returning to Active Habits as a Family by Isaac Schock. The YMCA can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Or maybe you want to start volunteering as a family? KCR has a great opportunity: become settlement mentors. Why not try something new and volunteer? Read the article Volunteering is a Family Thing.

Our local library may be more accessible than you realize. The Okanagan Regional Library has a vast array of online resources. Stay up-to-date and read The Sound of Story.

Lindsay Krieg is Creating Calm in the Chaos by teaching us about sensory overload and how to cope.

And last but not least, homelessness in Kelowna is a difficult situation for all. The City of Kelowna has a variety of interesting programs. Learn more by reading Leave Your Baggage Behind. Helping others in our community is a win, win for everyone. Enjoy.

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